Should I buy scented or unscented litter?

Scented litter is toxic to your cat. Always use unscented litter as it is safer and won’t let your litter box become stinkier over time.


How many litter box should I have?

It is best to keep at least one more litter box than the number of cats in your home to encourage proper litter box usage. For kitten and older cat, always have a litter box where the cat spends most of her time. If your house has multiple stories, we suggest having at least one litter box on each story.


Generally, bigger size of litter box is better. Cats prefer being able to comfortably jump in and move around in the litter box. As for kittens, they require litter boxes with lower sides.


Where is the best spot or location to place the litter box?

Keep the litter box in a spot that gives your cat some privacy but is also convenient. If the box is too hard to get to, especially for a kitten or an elderly cat, they just may not use it.


  • Avoid placing litter boxes next to noisy or heat-radiating appliances, like the furnace or the washing machine. Noises can make a cat nervous, while heat from a dryer or furnace can magnify the litter box smell, which could make them stay away from the litter box.


  • Put the box far away from their food and water bowls. Place at least one litter box on each level of your house. That way your cat has options to access their litter box. If you have more than one cat, provide litter boxes in several locations for their convenience.


  • If you keep the litter box in a closet or a bathroom, be sure the door is wedged open from both sides to prevent your cat from being trapped inside or locked out.

Does RL provide delivery service?

No. However we welcome feedbacks and responses from our valued Real Parent. At times, we are yet to have our very own delivery service. We are solely based on over 527 RL Authorised Pet Store all over Malaysia.


Where can I buy RL Products?

We have over 527 RL Authorised Partner all over Malaysia. You can just click and find the nearest pet store available at


Does REALLABS® line up is cruelty free?



How frequent do I need to scoop the litter?

As recommended by veterinarian, litter waste have to be scooped out twice a day. This will maintain the healthy and hygienic litter environment. Always change the whole litter box in a monthly basis. You can use Real Fresh to boost up litter performance after 3 weeks usage.


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