2021 Onwards: Urge Sustainability In Our Core Business

There is no question that the perception of sustainable business has changed from being a business cost that had to be managed to now being a key driver of innovation. The concept of sustainability expanded its definition that includes not only saving the world but taking care of the local community and contributing to good causes. It has to be both eco-friendly and socially responsible. In order to understand where sustainability efforts should be concentrated in Reallabs sustainability, we have identified issues that have the biggest impact and are most relevant to our business, ways how we can improve lives through cat litter system.

Our sustainability journey addresses our positive impact has on the environment and cat’s community.

In this article we would like to emphasize on how we are working on RL Zero Waste Goal. It is our long term commitment on the environment impact. In the simple way, we aim to send nothing to landfills.

The process of going zero waste is essentially focus on redesign our plastic resources and product life cycle so that all plastic material and products are reuse or recycle. First step towards this is to understand the waste we produce today. Analyzing what waste is being created, how much and where it is coming from, we have a specific initiative to implement our solid waste assessment. Significant improvements towards going zero waste will be achieved through most of any department, starting with purchasing and ending with the decision on how we reuse and recycle. Selecting the proper materials to bring into our operation including the criteria of quality, intended usage and intended lifespan, this will bring huge significant impact on what we are doing now.

RL Zero Waste Goals lies three fundamental actions which are DEVELOP, COLLECT and PARTNER. Click here to know more on our active works!

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