How Reallabs Develop REAL LITTER® As No.1 Choice For Malaysian Cat Parents?

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Crafted to meet 70% of cats’ preference and 30% of cat parents’ needs.

For today's cat owners, cat litter is as much a necessity as cat food. But before year 2000, most litter boxes were filled with sand or ashes instead of the more convenient super absorbent litters to which cat lovers are now accustomed. Today, it is about 90% of the cat litter sold in Malaysia is of the clumping variety, and most of it is made from bentonite clay.

REAL LITTER®, a clumping cat litter made from selected bentonite clay require an accurate and precise granules that demand sensitive equipment and attention. It has been established in the year-end of 2017, when a twosome of cat lovers has embarked a journey in creating an ideal cat litter for Malaysian cat parents. They took into account that most Malaysian cat parents normally adopt 3 cats at home, thus it needs special formulation to ensure its ability to cope with high traffic in litter box as well as controlling ammonia odour.

“We put heart, soul and science into our products.”

REAL LITTER® is being developed with intensive principles in order to provide an extensive solution to cat parents. The secret of REAL LITTER® comes from its composition of bentonite granules that were precisely selected through a perspective of mining area, depth of mining, mineralogical composition as well as its natural ability to provide odour control.

The ability to control odour is determined mostly by the absorption power of bentonite. There are various types of bentonite and each of them has different absorbency level due to which cation is present and in what amount. Because sodium ions have larger hydration sphere than calcium ions do, sodium bentonite can absorb more moisture than its calcium counterpart. This is where our geologist in Reallabs Malaysia initially invest in the quality of bentonite that suits most for Malaysian cat parents.

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