What is RL Recycle & Get Reward?

RL Recycle & Reward is a continuity programme which collect back all RL product packagings. Do not throw your packaging away. We need it back! You can enjoy using RL products while helping us out to expedite our Zero Waste Goals. Collect and redeem 1 FREE Reallabs® product for your cat.


What & how can I redeemed?

10 packs/buckets/bottles have to be collected upon every redemption and you are entitled to get 1 RL products accordingly for FREE. It is fur Real!



Where can I redeem Reallabs® Products?

All of RL Products can be redeemed at Jelajah RL or at 527 RL Authorised Partners nationwide.


I have collected 10 coupons of REAL LITTER® Multicat. Can I redeem other products?  

No. It can only be redeemed with the same price range/line up only.

I have collected 8 coupons from previous packaging. Can I mix with the new packaging to complete 10s?

Yes. You are certainly allowed to combine the old method coupon cutting with the latest version of used packaging to redeem. 

Can I redeem products at pet shop where it is different from the one I had bought products.

Yes but it is not advisable.

I want to redeem at pet shop but they don't allow me to do so. What can I do?

Reach us as soon as possible. We are available in all social media platform. We will investigate the issues raised.


Reallabs® brands is the most versatile cat litter system in Southeast Asia. The pivotal focus of Reallabs® is to penetrate the Malaysian market, bringing together with us the newest technology that are Anti Germ, Anti Odour and Eco-Friendly.

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