REAL CLEANER™ is a cleaning system designed to help cat parent cleaning process.It is one of the core that enable litter care system to be more effective. The line up takes pride with FX30 Anti Germ Technology. This technology is developed to mainly focus on killing bacteria, viruses and fungus found in litter box area. REAL CLEANER™ line up comprise of:    


  • Real Wash

  • Real Off


What is Real Wash and how to use it?

Real Wash is detergent and disinfectant. We are more than happy if you can search Real Wash product in our collection to understand more on the product performance.



Can I use Real Wash to mop the floor?

Yes. The dilution will be 1 capfull of Real Wash to 1 bucket of water (~3.5L).

What is Real Off and how to use it?

Real Off is urine and stain instant breaker. We are more than happy if you can search Real Off product in our collection to understand more on the product performance.


Can I spray Real Off inside litter box?


Real Off is a microorganism blend. Any liquid is not advisable to be spray onto litter as it will promotes humidity and bacterial growth. Instead, you can sprinkle Real Fresh to kick off odour and prolong litter performance.

Can Real Off prevent incoming neighbours to my house?

All REALLABS®line up is specifically designed to cater 70% cats' need and 30% cat parent preference. We do feel strong repellent is not appropriate to any kind of animals including small creatures. Thus we regret to inform that Real Off is not intended to prevent incoming neighbours. We design Real Off to have 0.2% citronella oil to only prevent repeat marking. 

I already spray Real Off but my cat keeps urinate at the same spot. Why?

Urinating issue is related to bad habit. It is impossible to spray Real Off and expecting to change your cat habit instantly. What we can do first is to train your cat back to use litter box properly. While training your cat, you might spray Real Off to the same spot 3 to 4 times to see the results.


Reallabs® brands is the most versatile cat litter system in Southeast Asia. The pivotal focus of Reallabs® is to penetrate the Malaysian market, bringing together with us the newest technology that are Anti Germ, Anti Odour and Eco-Friendly.

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