Which is the best cat litter for my cat?

The best cat litters are made from natural and non toxic ingredients. Studies have shown 95% cats prefer litters that most resemble beach sand and unscented clumpable litters.

We suggest you not to change litters type frequently unless your cat is not using the litter box as they can be notoriously finicky when it comes to changes. Changing litter types can also cause your cat a wealth of stress.                                                                

If you must change cat litter types or brands, it is advisable to slowly adding small amounts of the new litter to the current one. Gradually, over a few weeks, increase the amount of new litter, mix together with the old litter until you've completely changed over to your new chosen litter. 


If your cat refuses to use the litter box at any time, it is best to stop the conversion process and, if necessary, revert back to the original litter. Your cat's preference is matter most.


REAL LITTER® is crafted by cat parents and litter technologist. We are committed to help cat parents with their routine. Each range has its own specification and target groups. For now we REAL LITTER® line up comprise of:

  • REAL LITTER® Multicat 

  • REAL LITTER® Combat

  • REAL LITTER® Comfort                                               


How many inches of depth advisable to pour litter in the litter box?

It is recommended to maintain 2-3 inches depth. This is to prevent urine from reaching to the bottom line and leave ammonia residue inside tiny pores. It will then retain stinky odour that is hardly to be eliminated. 



I have 10 cats. Which REAL LITTER®  is suitable for my cat families?

REAL LITTER® Multicat.

Real parent who have more than 3 cats requires high traffic in litter box. When cat step into litter box, it might steps on the existing clumps and breaks them apart. This lead to a dirty box and will expose stinky odour instantly. REAL LITTER® Multicat is engineered to form a compact clump that is hardly to break. It can maintain the hygienic environment as well ease the scooping process.

What is the difference between REAL LITTER® Multicat, Combat and Comfort?

REAL LITTER® Multicat is engineered for multi-cat families. It focus on forming compact clumps while maintaining hygienic environment.


REAL LITTER® Combat is engineered for both busy parent and who has sensitive smell preference. It has a benefit of superior odour controlling. In terms of granule consistency, REAL LITTER® Combat has lower dust compare to REAL LITTER® Multicat. You can search each of litter performance in our collection section.


REAL LITTER® Comfort is engineered for sensitive cat and parent. Litter granules were purified using high technology purifying machine in a well-equipped control room. It gives a dust-free formula to comfort cat and families.


Can I mix all the REAL LITTER® range and use it for my cat?

It is only applicable between REAL LITTER® Multicat and REAL LITTER®Combat. By mixing them, you can increase the litter performance.


However REAL LITTER® Comfort is prohibited to mix with any kind of range as REAL LITTER® Comfort is a dust-free formula. Mixing will add on dust particles hence it does not work anymore to help with allergies or/and asthma.


Does REAL LITTER® workable to other mammals?

It is indeed the best of both world when we are rooting to cater what's right for the cats need. Other mammals can also benefits from its advantages. We do have feedbacks and response as such REAL LITTER® has helped pet parent with their pets such as otter and rabbit.


How RL Version 2.0 is difference from older version?

RL Version 2.0 is difference from older version in so many aspects. The formulation has been upgraded, the performance has been elevated, the packaging itself is made up by 90% recycled plastic. In rooting for a better future and sustainability, this is what we pledge to offer.

Is REAL LITTER® Comfort is the New REAL LITTER® Hygiene?

No. The formulation is different.


Reallabs® brands is the most versatile cat litter system in Southeast Asia. The pivotal focus of Reallabs® is to penetrate the Malaysian market, bringing together with us the newest technology that are Anti Germ, Anti Odour and Eco-Friendly.

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