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To give more value in development of litter care product. This collaboration meet quality standard set by NDOS member.

" Certified Cat Breeder are the expert in cat’s community. Their views does matter to our development team. "







NDOS is a work process that facilitate the work together in development of litter care product. Collaboration with NDOS members requires the support needs of:

1. Ideation

2. Research analysis

3. Product testing

During product development, each journey to a finished product is different and has its own unique set of quirks involved in creating something new.

" Cat Parents thirst for something new and fresh especially in cat litter industry. Through this expert collaboration RL NDOS denotes the grace in a more advanced stage in litter development. " 

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Marnad Cattery have met Abys in Russia in 2015 and they fall in love immediately. They went to felinology courses by WCF to understand more about Abys’ genetic, breeding and health. Their addiction towards Abyssinian grow stronger! Abys Maniac.




The Kapitan family is well known for their humble personality, passionate about their Maine Coon temperament. A cageless Maine Coon cattery from Melaka and registered under FIFe, they work closely with veterinars to ensure their feline pedigree receive proper health care and nutrition.



Carebear Cattery is well known with their top notch blood line Exotics & Persians. They started in 2004 under GCCF Ireland and won Ireland Cat Of The Year Award in 2005. They have been breeding and showing their Exotics & Persians quite successfully which some has attained GC, CH, Best of Variety and Best In Show in CFA and FIFe.




Ciku-kiwi is exclusively registered with CFA since 2009. Owned by Mohd Hafizul Mew Hamzah & Mohd Sahrizam Samsuri, Ciku-kiwi has experienced showing cat in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Europe.




Dollylicious is a TICA and CFA registered cattery located in Kuala Lumpur. Their goal is to offer healthy, loving and well socialised Ragdoll kittens with all the love and care the family can provide without compromise. Even they understand cattery consumes a great deal of time and expenses, however the joys, rewards and enjoying their gorgeous show cats is something that simply cannot be explained without experiencing it.




A family based cattery located in Kuala Lumpur, a humble family with true love, passion and enthusiasm for Maine Coon.They believe there’s a huge responsibility to improve the breed, maintain its integrity, and ensure the wonderful beauty, health and temperament of their Maine Coon family continue for many years.




The name of GlitterCrown is a symbolic of highest standard and with its beauty and its best quality of cats that represent one of the best Persian cattery in Malaysia and of course South East Asia. GlitterCrown cattery has been established since 2013. They personally love to share their passion and the journey with those who make visit to their lovable home.




Owned by Hairri and Afza, their vision as an Experienced Breeder is to produce the best quality of Maine Coon with well sociable, companions and friends & family for life - according to the established CFA Maine Coon Breed Standard. There are numerous distinctive achievements from Zikhafri that what make Zikhafri as distinguished Cat Breeder.




Kiralee Cattery is championed by 3 passionate individuals who are madly in love with their British Shorthairs. They spent most of their time in improving the British Shorthair Breed through the knowledge they gain from experiences in breeding and cat shows. The team believes in three key values that have been the driving force for their success to be at the top of FIFe cat fancy – PASSION, QUALITY AND EXPOSURE.



PERDANA is a Breed Council Member for both Sphynx and British Shorthair in CFA. They have shown in CFA since 2017 and have granded 6 felines from both Sphynx and British Shorthair breeds, 3 of which are of their own breeding. In 2019 and 2020, PERDANA have shown some of the best award winning Sphynx in South East Asia (SEA).


Reallabs® brands is the most versatile cat litter system in Southeast Asia. The pivotal focus of Reallabs® is to penetrate the Malaysian market, bringing together with us the newest technology that are Anti Germ, Anti Odour and Eco-Friendly.

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